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Having an incredible time traveling the country with The Sound of Music National Tour! Here are some reviews we've received! 


"Silvester also has a chance to display her formidable acting and vocal chops in "Sixteen Going on Seventeen." She's positively radiant onstage, and her extra sassy Liesl manages to be both stubborn and totally likable." -BroadwayWorld, Chicago


"Paige Silvester, as Liesl, whose charismatic presence not only lit up the stage, but whose beautiful dance technique also left me wanting so much more from the choreographer in 'Sixteen Going On Seventeen'" -Broadway World, Austin


"Paige Silvester's Liesl proves a breath of fresh air, as she makes the girl really look and act like a 16-year-old, rather than someone pretending to be that young" -Los Angeles Daily News


"Eldest Liesl (fetching Paige Silvester) for once actually seems 16 going on 17, not 21 going on 30" -Variety


"...Paige Silvester making a fine impression as confused adolescent Liesl; she demonstrates a strong soprano voice in her duet" -The Hollywood Reporter


"Somehow, Paige Silvester was able to pull of being the 16 year old Liesl. She actually is a college graduate from the University of Michigan. That tiny little waist and delicate features allows her to portray a very young teen. Throughout the show I keep debating whether she was an adult portraying a child, or was, indeed a child actor." - BroadwayWorld, Denver


"Silvester showed a broad range of acting abilities for a coming-of-age woman who’s torn and Sixteen Going On Seventeen" -Florida Insider


"Paige Silvester is winsome and believable as someone who is Sixteen Going on Seventeen confused about her feelings of first love and accepting a new mother figure" -Liberty Voice, Los Angeles


The Sound of Music opens September 30th at The Ahmanson Theater in Los Angeles!

August 2015- Rehearsals begin for The Sound of Music!

Back to NYC, back to work!

First National Tour of EVITA closes after a three week run at The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

Reprises role of Sillabub in CATS at Pittsburgh CLO


Paige joins the cast of EVITA First National Tour!

Fulfills lifelong dream of dancing CATS at the North Carolina Theater

Graduates from The University of Michigan and moves to NYC!


Started singing, acting, and dancing

Born in Sacramento, CA!